Mark’s Non-Sports Cards Started back in 1969 in Avoca, Pennsylvania . My Sister worked for the Topps Chewing Gum company. One day she brought home some sample cards that she was working on. They were a little known sticker card series called Wacky Stickers. Little did we know that I would be selling cards to this day. Card collecting should be  fun and enjoyable. I always collected two of everything. As time went by I sold the second set or box in order to purchase the latest boxes. To this day my collection is still growing. After dealing with people that were in the business  for just a buck, I decided to dive into the hobby by selling what we all enjoy. I wanted to bring the fun back to collecting. Today a lot of people just want to get rich quick through dealing. Sure we all have to pay our dues for booths, ad’s, and merchandise, But the market really forgot something. To Have FUN Collecting......


A New Series of Robert Aragon is now out Called The Monstrous Art of Robert Aragon.
Only 100 cases produced, Order Now!!!


Also Another New set by Robert Aragon is now Released: Called--- A Tiny Teddy named Cuds.
Pack Boxes cost only $5.00 each and 1 out of 7 Pack boxes have Random Sketch, Autograph cards, Printing Plates and special chase Cards.
Also a New Chase Card in the Cuds series, a SOUND Card, there is 4 Different ones, and they are named: STORY BOOK CARD.
Hear the story of Cuds told on the Story Book Card by Robert Aragon himself...  ORDER NOW!

See more on Series 1(SOLD OUT) of THE ART OF ROBERT ARAGON. Click on this Link for more info....    www.mnscards.net/artofrobert/index.html#!/

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